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Jake Carter (Mike Mizanin), a former U.S Marine, is now working at Hawthorne Global Security, a private security agency led by Robert Daniels (Craig Veroni). He and a few other men are waiting at the airport for the arrival of whistleblower Olivia “Liv” Tanis (Melissa Roxburgh), an IT engineer who used to work for Genesis Defense Corporation, one of the largest defense contractors of the United States. Liv’s got intel on traitors inside Genesis and they’ve been hired by the Department of Justice to protect Liv until she takes official custody.

While they are en route for Liv’s custody, their convoy is ambushed by a group of mercenaries hired by the corrupt military on Genesis, led by Simon Vogel (Josh Blacker). The mercenaries manage to kill Daniels and his men except for Jake, who takes Liv and manages to escape and outrun the mercenaries by stealing their car. The duo head to the safe house.

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