Judaai (1997 film) Online Movies Watch

Directed by Raj Kanwar
Produced by Surinder Kapoor
Written by Prakash Raj
Edited by Waman Bhonsle
Distributed by S.K. Film Enterprises
Release date 28 February 1997
Country India
Language Hindi
When Kajal (Sridevi) marries Raaj (Anil Kapoor), an Engineer by profession, she and her dad (Kader Khan), automatically assume that he is rich, wealthy, and corrupt. Her father is very happy that his daughter does not have any in-laws, and that she’ll get to rule the roost in her new house. But that is not the case. Raaj does not have an air-conditioner, a car, not even a refrigerator. This infuriates Kajal, and in her mind she creates a separate world, where she is rich, wealthy, has several cars, and lives lavishly in a big bungalow. Even the birth of two children (a young son and a little daughter) and several years of marriage do not change her. An example of this occurs when Kajal meets her old friend Nisha (Poonam Dhillon), who Kajal feeds a pack of lies that her husband is a business magnate, her family owns several cars and lives in a big bungalow, but Nisha, who is actually wealthy, offers to give her a lift. Kajal lies about where she lives and is exposed when the bungalow she points out as her own turns out to be Nisha’s. She tells Kajal not to take her life or her husband for granted and that no matter how little you have, your house is your home. When Jahnvi (Urmila Matondkar) Raaj’s boss Sahni’s (Saeed Jaffrey) niece comes from overseas, she meets Raj at the airport and assumes he is the car driver. After she is rude to him, he leaves her stranded on the road with her luggage, not caring what his boss would say. Jahnvi reaches the office well in time and praises Raj’s attitude, but when she learns that he’s an engineer working for her uncle’s construction company, she apologises to him. Sahni introduces Jahnvi to Vikram Khanna, a handsome young guy, who is his business partner. Vikram observes Jahnvi and likes the young, naturally vivacious girl. One day, Vikram and Jahnvi go to see Jahnvi’s guest house, at the new property. Sahni gets worried as the weather is getting bad; and they have not returned to the office. As Raj is about to leave, Sahni asks him to check on them and bring Jahnvi back, while Vikram has been drinking and casually discusses the prospect of marriage. But Jahnvi rejects his advances. Vikram grabs her but Jahnvi slaps him. Angered by the slap, Vikram throws her on the bed and forcibly tries to get intimate with her. But Raj arrives in the nick of time and saves Jahnvi. Vikram threatens him with the loss of his job, but he doesn’t care. Jahnvi remembers how earlier, Raj had rejected a job and an apartment offer from a rival company due to Mr. Sahni’s help. She starts liking Raj from that moment and falls in love with him thereafter. When she learns that he is a married man, she is adamant on getting married to Raj.

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