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Directed by Tom Dey
Produced by Roger Birnbaum
Written by Alfred Gough
Music by Randy Edelman
Cinematography Dan Mindel
Edited by Richard Chew
Production Touchstone Pictures
Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures
Release date May 19, 2000 (Malaysia)
Country United States
Language English

In 1881, Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) – a homophone for John Wayne – is a Chinese Imperial Guard in the Forbidden City. After Princess Pei-Pei (Lucy Liu) is abducted to the United States, the Emperor of China sends three of his guards and the Royal Interpreter (Henry O) to retrieve her. Having failed to foil the kidnapping, Wang insists on joining the mission. The Royal Interpreter, Wang’s uncle, allows him to accompany the party, and the Captain of the Imperial Guards hopes the “foreign devils” will get rid of Wang. The party arrives in Nevada, where outlaw Roy O’Bannon (Owen Wilson) and his gang hijack their train. Wallace (Walton Goggins), a new member of Roy’s gang, kills Wang’s uncle, and Wang, a skilled martial artist, fights off the gang before uncoupling the train cars and escaping on the engine. Wallace takes over the gang, leaving Roy buried up to his chin in the desert. Meanwhile, Pei-Pei, tricked into believing she was freely escaping her arranged marriage in China, learns she has been kidnapped by an agent of Lo Fong (Roger Yuan), a traitor who fled the Forbidden City.

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