October 15, 2019

THE RAID 2 (2014) english Full Online Movies Watch

Language: Hindi – English

File Format: mkv

File Size: 1GB

Quality: 720p BluRay

Two hours after the events of the first film, Jakarta crime boss Bejo executes Rama’s brother Andi who took over from Tama, a gang boss operating under Bangun. Meanwhile, Lt. Bunawar, the head of an internal investigation unit, summons the surviving officers of the Jakarta apartment raid: Rama, Bowo and Lt. Wahyu. He sends Bowo for treatment but has Wahyu executed. Bunawar assures Rama it was to protect him from crooked cops like Wahyu, saying courts cannot fix the problem. Testifying would only endanger him and his family. He asks him to go undercover to expose Reza’s and other police officials’ dealings with the Bangun and Goto crime syndicates. Rama agrees after Bejo murders Andi. Bunawar tasks him to infiltrate the underworld, befriending Bangun’s son Uco. Using the alias “Yuda”, Rama is told to assault the politician’s son responsible for putting Uco in prison. Bunawar can arrest him and befriend Uco. In a riot a year into Uco’s prison term, several assailants attempt to kill him. They are led by Benny who betrays Uco’s trust before Yuda saves him. When Yuda is released two years later, Uco takes him to meet his father, who hires him out of gratitude. He proves his value to the family through his work under Uco and his father’s consigliere Eka.

Uco is frustrated with his limited role in the organization and is furious when a bar girl calls him a “debt collector”. When he leaves the room, Rama plants a bug in his wallet. Bangun meets the hitman Prakoso, who assassinates another of Bangun’s targets.

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