October 15, 2019

The Silence (2019) English Full Online Movies Watch

Directed: John R. Leonetti
Released Date: 10 April 2019 (USA)
Genres: The Silence
Languages: English
Film Stars: Stanley Tucci, Kiernan Shipka, 
Movie Quality: 480p HDRip
File Size: 300MB

A cave research team unearths an unknown species of blind pterosaur-like creature, referred to as “vesps”, from a mine. The vesps violently kill the researchers, fly out of the mine, and seek the noisiest areas.

Ally, a teenage girl who lost her hearing in a car accident, lives with her parents Hugh and Kelly Andrews; her maternal grandmother Lynn, who has terminal lung cancer; her brother Jude; and their dog Otis. As the news of the vesp outbreak spreads, the US government declares a state of emergency and urges people to stay indoors and be quiet. Ally suggests they head to the countryside, which is likely to be quieter. Glenn, Hugh’s best friend, joins them and brings his guns. They set out in two cars, but a man tries to hijack Hugh’s car while refueling. Glenn shoots the man in the leg, and they drive away.

The group hits a massive traffic jam, blocking all the interstates, and Glenn goes off-road. Speeding through the countryside, Glenn’s car hits a herd of fleeing deer and tumbles down the embankment. He survives but is trapped in the car. Hugh and Kelly fail to free him, and Glenn asks Hugh to leave with his family. As the Andrews family return to their car, Otis barks, attracting the vesps, who attack the car. Glenn fires his gun, leading them away from the Andrews’ car, sacrificing himself. To keep his family safe, Hugh is forced to let Otis out of the car so that the vesps kill the dog. Later, Kelly consoles Ally and Jude. Ally says they all have the skill to survive in silence, due to her deafness.

Hugh leads his family on foot after setting Glenn’s car on fire as a decoy. Lynn struggles to keep up, and her coughing puts the whole family at risk. Jude spots a house in the countryside. The family heads towards it and finds a high fence with a locked gate. Their arrival alerts the homeowner, who, unaware of the situation, speaks. Vesps attack and kill her. The family uses a storm drain to enter the house. A rattlesnake in the drain scares Jude, and he struggles to keep quiet; unfortunately, the sounds of the snake begins to attract unwanted attention, ultimately resulting in vesps biting into Kelly’s leg. Hugh distracts them by turning on a woodchipper, crushing the vesps flying into it, and the family enters the house.

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