October 15, 2019

Push (2009) Hindi Full Online Movies Watch

Directed: Paul McGuigan
Released Date: 6 February 2009 (USA)
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Languages: Hindi + English
Film Stars: Camilla Belle, Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans
Movie Quality: 480p BluRay
File Size: 400MB

In 1945, the United States government sets up The Division, an agency that tracks and experiments on people who possess psychic abilities. Each psychic is categorized into a group based on what powers they have. Two Movers, teenager Nick Gant and his father Jonah, are hiding from Agent Carver of Division. Jonah tells Nick about a vision he received from a Watcher about a young girl Nick must help in the future to bring down Division. Nick watches Carver murder Jonah before he escapes.

Years later, Division has developed a drug which can boost psychic abilities. All of the test subjects died until a Pusher named Kira successfully adapted to it. Kira escapes from Division and steals a syringe of the drug before fleeing to Hong Kong. Nick now lives in Hong Kong as an expatriate, but is in trouble due to gambling debts he incurred while attempting to use his power as a Mover to cheat the games. Nick is visited by Cassie Holmes, a moody teenage Watcher. Her mother, Sarah, is considered the strongest Watcher ever born and directly aided in Kira’s escape. Nick realizes Cassie is the girl his father saw in his vision and decides to help her find Kira and the briefcase containing the stolen drug. They are attacked by the Chinese triads at a market and Nick is wounded by a Bleeder before he and Cassie get away. Nick meets a Stitch named Teresa Stowe who heals him from his wounds.

Nick and Cassie use her Watcher abilities to track down Kira, who is actually Nick’s ex-girlfriend. Kira hid the case and then had a Wiper erase her memory of its location. Nick recruits a Shadow named Pinky Stein to hide Kira from Division. Cassie attempts to foresee the case’s location, competing with the Triads Watcher Pop Girl. As Kira begins to get sick from withdrawal, Nick feels he must meet with Carver to save her life. Nick learns that Kira will get sicker and eventually die without more of the drug, which only Carver has. Victor, a talented Mover and Carver’s assistant, battles Nick and nearly kills him before Cassie convinces Carver to spare him. Cassie then finds a key in Kira’s shoe which unlocks a locker atop a construction site where the case is hidden.

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