October 16, 2019

River Runs Red (2018) english Full Online Movies Watch

Movie Title: River Runs Red (2018)
Director: Wes Miller
Stars: Taye Diggs, John Cusack, George Lopez
Release Date: 9 November 2018 (USA)
Genres: movie
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 750MB
Language: English

Album opener “This Time” reveals that the main character’s father walked out on the family and started “a new life with the new wife.” The album’s first interlude, “Monday”, establishes that the main character’s mother is verbally abusive and neglects her baby. The track ends with the character listening to a voicemail where his girlfriend has broken up with him. The title track “River Runs Red” shows that the main character has suicidal tendencies with the opening line “I got the razor at my wrist”. On “Thursday” the main character enters his home and is berated once again by his mother. The song ends with him being fired from his job and is notified that he is failing two classes at school. The track “My Eyes” shows the main character has all but made up his mind about committing suicide. The album closes with the track “Friday”. The main character comes home and the insults from his mother are the worst they have ever been. The mother starts a fight with the father, who engages her in a yelling match and starts breaking stuff in the kitchen as the kid heads up stairs. The sound of plates breaking can be heard. The main character locks himself in the bathroom with his mother yelling at him through the door. The main character steps into the bathtub and turns the water on as his breath becomes shaky. The teenager slits his wrist and the sound of blood can be heard dripping into the water. The mother breaks into the bathroom and starts screaming in horror at the sight of her dead son. The album ends with the sound of blood dripping into water.

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