October 15, 2019

Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal 2015 Full Online Movies Watch

Genres: Action , Fantasy , Romance
Language: Hindi + Chinese
Quality: 720p BluRay
File Size: 1070MB
Directors: Peter Pau, Tianyu Zhao
Writers: Junli Guo, Ray Lei Jin |
Stars: Bei-Er Bao, Winston Chao, Kun Chen

After achieving lesser godhood, Zhang Diaoxian decides that isn’t enough. He assumes control over the city of Hu, getting the locals to worship his every word. It is later revealed that not every demon in Hell is deserving of their fate nor their status, and that the lesser ones want redemption for themselves rather than harm to humanity, but must play along to avoid Diaoxian’s zealot demon-slayers. Zhong Kui, a local scholar, is manipulated by Diaoxian into becoming his most powerful experiment yet: a pseudo-demon capable of more effectively slaying demons with. Diaoxian wins the trust of Hu’s residents in order to deceive them and the other gods into not noticing his real plans for wishing to steal away from Hell one of its most prized treasures: the Dark Crystal. With it, he seeks to overthrow the pantheon of gods and rewrite all reality – even if he has to eradicate Hell and erase the souls of all the innocent in Hu to make that possible.

The current resident “Demon King” in the realm of Hell nearest to the city of Hu is revealed to have once been one of Diaoxian’s pawns, much like Kui is presently. After Diaoxian’s betrayal led to the Demon King and his followers being turned into demons and sent to Hell as Diaoxian sought to hide his crimes from the other gods; the Demon King sought to take advantage of a date when the realms were close by and reincarnations occurred as his big chance to win redemption for his clan by using the Dark Crystal to expose Diaoxian.

Three years prior, a snow demon named “Little Snow,” stumbled upon a younger Kui in an effort to seduce him, but was soon smitten with him herself and lost some of her zeal for revenge. However, she was heartbroken when Kui said that humans and demons do not belong together, and left him to return to Hell. Subsequent to her departure, Kui took part in the imperial exams and obtained the highest honours. However, this was stripped away from him due to bribery and he committed suicide due to the injustice. Daoxian brought Kui back to life and him gave a magic elixir to make him believe he was still fully human and alive, rather than a human-demon hybrid per an unholy resurrection.

Three years later, Kui tries to master his new power of a “pseudo-demon” form. He also steals the Dark Crystal from Hell on Daoxian’s command. The Demon King recruits his subjects – along with some actual demons – to wage assault on the city of Hu and take the Dark Crystal back, fearing that Diaoxian’s true evil plan will finally come to pass otherwise. When the initial waves of actual demons prove too weak and animalistic and fall too easily to the demon slayers, the Demon King revives Snow Girl to assist his subjects in retrieving the Dark Crystal.

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