October 15, 2019

La mujer de mi hermano 2005 Hindi Full Online Movies Watch

Movie : My Brother’s Wife (2005)
Genres : Drama
Stars : Bárbara Mori, Christian Meier, Manolo Cardona
Director : Ricardo de Montreuil
Language : Hindi + Spanish
Quality : 480p WEB-DL
Size : 300MiB

Zoe (Bárbara Mori) is a beautiful woman who has been married to Ignacio (Christian Meier) for nearly a decade. While Zoe still loves her husband, she feels the spark has gone out of their relationship, and she’s become restless and anxious. Hoping to find the excitement she craves in forbidden fruit, Zoe falls into an affair with Gonzalo (Manolo Cardona), Ignacio’s rough-edged but handsome brother. During their encounters, she complains to Gonzalo that Ignacio seems uninterested in her sexually as he only makes love to her on Saturdays and rejects her advances regularly. Reciprocating her negative thoughts of Ignacio, Gonzalo accuses him of being jealous as he has gone on to work in his passion of painting. On the other hand, Ignacio is running the family business and blatantly states that Gonzalo is a good-for-nothing and a moocher as he doesn’t work and simply collects his monthly stipend. Ignacio further deems Gonzalo’s painting a waste of time.

Zoe confides in and seeks advice about the affair from her best friend, Boris (Bruno Bichir). One night after sex, Gonzalo comments that he suspects Ignacio of being gay. Zoe again seeks council from Boris, who states he can confirm her suspicions about Ignacio’s sexuality due to his lack of sexual interest in her. Zoe and Gonzalo’s passionate affair is satisfying to them both, but the adulterous couple must deal with the sharp sting of betrayal when Ignacio finds out they’ve been sleeping together. However, the story takes a big turn when it is revealed the affair has only been a revenge towards his brother for Gonzalo. He confronts Ignacio admitting he remembers being raped by him when he was younger, therefore, Gonzalo is set on destroying his life.

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