October 15, 2019

In a Dark Place(2018) English Online Movies Watch

Directed: Simon Fellows
Released Date: 19 April 2019 (UK)
Genres: Mystery, 
Languages: English
Film Stars: Andrew Scott, Denise Gough, Catherine Dyer
Movie Quality: 480p HDRip

Anna Veigh is an art teacher that seems to get too involved in her students’ private lives. She is called into the headmaster’s office and chastised for (once again) attempting to be an “art therapist” rather than an art teacher. The headmaster makes inappropriate advances, touching her leg and putting his arm around her as he informs her that she is on “the wrong track”. Later, the headmaster calls and leaves a message on her answering machine in which it is revealed that she has been fired and something has occurred in the office that he wishes to “keep secret”. He informs her that he has found her a job as a nanny that pays very well.

The next day she attends an interview for the job and is hired on the spot by the wealthy and mysterious Mr. Laing to become the nanny for his niece and nephew — two wealthy young orphans — whilst he is away on business. It seems a perfect escape for her, a welcome change.

Her new workplace is Bly House, a remote country estate with beautiful grounds and a small resident staff. Miles and Flora, the children, seem sweet and charming, if a little strange, and Anna thinks that she has really “landed on her feet” after the rigors of her previous job. The only fly in the ointment is the frosty estate manager, Miss Grose, who seems remote and unfriendly to the new arrival.

Anna soon begins to make disquieting discoveries. Miles, the boy, has been expelled from his school, for a sin so dreadful the headmaster will not even discuss it. Anna hears whispers through the night often leading towards Flora’s bedroom. Anna then learns that her predecessor in the job, one Miss Jessel, drowned in a lake on the property. Her lover, Mr. Quint, hanged himself in Bly House shortly thereafter. The children continue to commit devilish seeming acts, that lead her to question the children. To add to her unease, Anna begins to catch glimpses of unknown sinister figures lurking in the grounds, but nobody else admits to seeing them.

Anna confronts Miss Grose with her suspicions about the intruders and is surprised to learn that Miss Grose had hated Mr. Quint for stealing her lesbian lover, Miss Jessel. The figures Anna describes are unmistakably Miss Jessel and Mr. Quint, but these former employees have been dead for some time. Anna has recurring daydreams concerning her own abuse as a child, and she soon suspects that Mr. Quint and Miss Jessel may have physically abused Miles and Flora as well.

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