October 16, 2019

Shanghai 2012 Movies Online Watch

Movie: Shanghai (2012)
Director: Dibakar Banerjee
Genres: Crime | Mystery | 
Country: India
Language: Hindi

The film is set in the fictional city of Bharat , which is hailed as an example of progress through infrastructure. State government is planning to build an International Business Park (), making the city a Shanghai.

() participates in the assault of a local bookstore owner who stocked the copies of Dr. () latest book, which criticises the local political party for ignoring the plight of the poor in its quest for infrastructure. , a socialist academic, is scheduled to visit Bharat for a speech. (), a former student of , is part of a small group that struggles to raise awareness about the underside of the local party’s platform. () works in a video shop of questionable repute with the owner . (), an officer, who is the favourite of the Chief Minister (), is assured by Principal Secretary (Sheikh) of a promotion and a trip to Stockholm.

arrives from New York City and delivers a scathing speech against the establishment. A mob gathers and attacks his associates. is run over by a Tempo driven by (Jog), who is arrested. winds up comatose in a hospital. is confident that this was a planned attack. informs that he has incriminating evidence against the and wants to sell the tape. Dr. wife ) agrees to lead a media campaign demanding the truth, though she seems uninterested. The campaign forces the CM’s office to set up an inquiry commission headed by . finds that the police are hiding evidence, so he summons , who is also uncooperative.

meets with but leaves when says that he won’t give the video for free. Later, is found dead in what looks like an accident. At a later rally where is filming, , head of the local party leader () men, informs him that he knows about the tape, subtly threatening him. is about to pack up and leave town, but he and discover the identity of the goons. and her group presents with the CD of evidence linking goons to the accident. After viewing it, sends out a summons to the leader , who rejects it in a public rally, sparking up a riotous mob. visits , and thugs attack the studio. and manage to escape and hide out on the roof until morning. In the chaos of the riots, is found dead, ostensibly killed by men because of had threatened that he would spill the beans about attack on Dr. as had not paid the fee for English classes and was not answering his repeated calls.

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