October 15, 2019

Ishqedarriyaan 2015 Hindi 720p Online Movies Watch

Genres: Romance
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p WEB-DL
Size: 952mb
Director: V.K. Prakash
Writer: Dheeraj Rattan

opened to negative reviews from critics. The Times of India gave 1.5/5 stars to the film saying, “Evelyn Sharma for a change is not seen in skimpy outfits but her acting stays consistently poor, is convincing but the film is way too tedious for you to sit through it. Music and locations are probably the best part about this film. Unfortunately, everything else is mediocre. Overall it turns out to be inconsequential in return. Despite decent production values, fails to click as it is way too cliched. Conventional is fine as long as it leaves some impact on you as an audience, which doesn’t happen here.”[4] Sharma of .rote “The trouble with is that it isn’t even bad enough to be good. It’s just plain old dull. Lost in a world of its own, the film forgets to engage the viewer. The makers of the film might need to offer free tea at the screenings to give the audience an incentive to stay awake. The kindest thing I can say about is that it is yawn worthy.” and gave the film 1.5/5 stars.[5] The Indian Express gave 1/5 stars and wrote “returns in a badly-written romance, which makes you wonder why anyone would want to repeat the same mistakes. ’’ features the age-old triangle of rich boy- poor girl- and third party, in a leaden plot that never takes off. We know who’s going to win fair maiden in the end, but we have to wade through two hours and more of sheer tiresomeness to get there. Who is this film made for?”[6] Book my Show stated that “The love story is sweet, but cliched! An overdose of emotional drama makes this romantic saga a bore. A loose script, below par acting and cliched romantic scenes, is a love saga that will bore you for two long hours! The film despite starting on a good note, loses grip after the first fifteen minutes.”[7]

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