October 16, 2019

Point Break 2015 Free Movies Warch

Genre: Action, Crime, Sport

Director: Ericson Core
Stars Cast: Edgar Ramírez, Luke Bracey, 

Language: Hindi + English 
Video Quality: BluRay 480p

Extreme sport athlete Johnny Utah (Luke ), and his friend Jeff (Max ), are traversing a steep on motorbikes. The run ends with a jump onto a lone stone column, where Jeff overshoots the landing and falls to his death.

Seven years later, Utah is an FBI agent candidate. He attends a briefing on a skyscraper heist, in which the criminals stole diamonds, escaping by parachute, in Mumbai. A similar heist happens over Mexico where the criminals unload millions of dollars in bills, then disappear into the Cave of Swallows. Utah’s research concludes that they were done by the same men, who are attempting to complete the 8, a list of eight extreme ordeals to honor the forces of nature. They have already completed three, and Utah predicts they’ll attempt the fourth on a rare sea wave phenomenon in France. After presenting his analysis, Utah is sent undercover to France under a field agent named (Ray ). They reach France and Utah gets help from others to surf the tall tube wave.

As he goes in, there is already another surfer riding the wave, leaving Utah unstable. Utah gets sucked into the wave and faints, but the other surfer bails and rescues Utah. He wakes aboard a yacht with the surfer, (), and his team Roach (Clemens Schick), Chowder (), and Grommet (). They leave him to enjoy the party and he gets acquainted with a girl, (Teresa Palmer). The next day, Utah finds the men in an abandoned Paris train station after he overhears them talking about the location. gives him an initiation fight and soon he is accepted into the circle. They travel to the Alps for the next ordeal: flying through the “The Life of Wind” cliffs. The four succeed in their attempt and spend some time together with . The next day, they climb the snow peaks for the sixth ordeal, snowboarding down a steep mountain of snow. They reach their spot, but Utah decides to extend his line, so the others follow him. Chowder slips and falls to his death, and Utah becomes depressed about it.

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