October 15, 2019

Mile 22 2018 English Online Movies Watch

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime

Director: Peter Berg
Stars Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Cohan, Iko Uwais

Language: English
Video Quality: BRRip 720p

Middle aged CIA officer and former U.S. Marine war veteran, James Silva, leads a Special Activities Division team code-named to raid a Russian safe house in the United States. Under the remote supervision of James Bishop and his team, the mission is to locate and destroy shipments of caesium before the highly radioactive substance can be weaponized. In the ensuing firefight, most of the Russians and operative Greg are killed, but critical intelligence on the caesium is destroyed. Silva executes the last survivor, a teenager who warns him that he is making a mistake.

Sixteen months later, in the Southeast Asian country of , police officer Li surrenders himself at the US Embassy to negotiate for passage out of the country in exchange for information. is revealed to be the asset of agent Alice Kerr and reveals he possesses a disc containing information on the caesium, and is able to negotiate passage out of the country in exchange for unlocking the disc, which is programmed to self destruct within eight hours. Ambassador Dorothy Brady is visited by the country’s Deputy Foreign Minister and state intelligence agent , with the two demanding that be handed over as he is wanted for espionage. Meanwhile, fends off an assassination attempt by disguised government agents in the embassy infirmary using his skills as a former member of the elite tactical squad.

Wanting access to the , Silva’s team is instructed to take to an at an airstrip 22 miles away, being provided with remote assistance from Bishop’s team in Colombia. En route they are attacked by a group of men on motorcycles, who use a brief camera blackout to plant a bomb on one of the vehicles. During the ensuing gunfight, operative Sam Snow is mortally injured, and sacrifices herself to buy the group time. Taking cover in a restaurant, they are again attacked by men, in which Silva is saved by and operative William “” Douglas is seriously injured. The group retreats into an apartment complex, and Douglas sacrifices himself by putting down cover fire. Inside the building, Alice becomes separated from Silva and , but is able to escape harm by using booby-trapped grenades and is later saved by . attempts to stop their car from reaching the airstrip, but is killed by Bishop’s team via a drone strike. Arriving just before the plane takes off, and Alice board the aircraft, with Alice having been given time off to see her estranged daughter. provides with the to access the disk, with the appearing to be legitimate locations of the caesium.

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