October 15, 2019

First Man 2018 English Online Movies Watch

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Director: Damien Chazelle
Stars Cast: Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Jason Clarke

Language: English
Video Quality: BRRip 720p

n 1961, NASA test pilot Neil Armstrong is flying the X-15 rocket-powered when it inadvertently bounces off of the atmosphere. Although he manages to land the plane in the Mojave Desert, his colleagues express concern that his recent record of mishaps is due to distraction, and he is grounded. His two-and-a-half year old daughter, Karen, is undergoing treatment for a brain . Desperate to save her, Armstrong keeps a detailed log of her symptoms and feverishly tries to find possible treatments, but she dies soon afterwards. Grief-stricken, Armstrong applies for Project Gemini and is accepted to NASA Astronaut Group 2. Armstrong, his wife Janet, and their son Rick move to Houston alongside other astronaut families. Armstrong befriends Elliot See, another civilian test pilot, and Ed White. As Armstrong begins training, impresses upon the new astronauts the importance of the Gemini program, as the Soviet Union had reached every milestone in the Space Race ahead of the United States. Armstrong and Janet have a second son, Mark.

By 1965, the family has settled in Houston, and Armstrong awaits selection for a crew. After the Soviets complete the first extravehicular activity (EVA), Armstrong is informed that he will be the commander of Gemini 8, with David Scott as the pilot. Prior to the mission, See and Charles are killed in a T-38 crash, deepening Armstrong’s grief at the string of recent losses. Armstrong and Scott successfully launch on Gemini 8, and dock with the target vehicle, but soon , the spacecraft begins to roll at a rapid rate. After nearly blacking out, Armstrong activates the and safely aborts the mission. Armstrong initially faces criticism, but NASA determines the crew is not at fault. Later, White reveals that he has been selected for the Apollo 1 mission along with Gus and Roger .

During a launch rehearsal test on January 27, 1967, a fire kills White and the Apollo 1 crew, and Armstrong hears the news while representing NASA at the White House. The next year, after ejecting from the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle in an accident that could have killed him, Armstrong is selected to command Apollo 11, and informs him that it will likely be the first lunar landing. As the mission nears, Neil becomes more and more preoccupied and emotionally distant from his family. Just prior to the launch, Janet confronts Armstrong about the possibility that he won’t survive the flight, and insists that he should explain the risks of the mission to their young sons. After telling them about the risks he faces, Armstrong says goodbye to his family and departs.

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