October 15, 2019

Purana Mandir 1984 Full Movie Download

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Horror
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p WEBRip
Size: 955mb
Directors: Shyam Ramsay, Tulsi Ramsay
Writers: Siddiqui M.S. Rahman, Dr. Gurdeep

The film opens with a scene of 200 years ago, with the royal procession of of the sultanate of , stranded near the Kali (literally, black mountain). The is concerned because his daughter Princess has disappeared near the lair of the devil. The princess wanders into the ruins of an old fortress and is promptly captured and tortured by the villainous . His trademark attack is mesmerizing the hapless victim apparently sucking out their life force through the eyes, causing their natural eyes to be replaced with demonic white shades. During this process, eyes gleam blood red. catches in this terrible act and orders the soldiers to capture him.

is put on trial, where his terrible litany of crimes is read. He has performed various heinous acts to please his demonic spirit masters and enhance his own evil powers. He has raped and newly-wed brides; he has mutilated and cannibalized young children; he has — exhumed corpses for sacrifice and eating; and he has terrorized the hamlets surrounding with his reign of evil. While the (royal priest) suggests be subjected to pure Agni i.e. to be cremated, the proposes another sentence—is to be decapitated, with the headless body to be buried behind the old temple at and the head secured in a strong-box to be kept at the (mansion). The strongbox is chained with a as advised by the (trident, the weapon of the Hindu God Shiva) to hold the evil in thrall. pronounces his curse upon the : “So long as my head is away from my body, every woman in your line shall die at childbirth; and when my head is rejoined to my body, I will arise and wipe out every living person in your dynasty.”

As the years pass, the princely states merge into the Indian republic, and the great-great-grandson of , Singh (veteran actor , known for his royal roles), now resides in the city. is long gone, but not forgotten. His evil legend is passed from father to son in the clan, and his sinister curse occurs with each generation. Singh’s wife died at the birth of his daughter (Gupta). , now a college student, has a boyfriend () and they spend most of their young love frolicking in pools, the beach and nightclubs. When the learns about their relationship, he severely disapproves of their relationship ostensibly because is not of royal birth. (The real reason is that any man who marries must endure her inevitable death when their child arrives.

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