October 15, 2019

Gabbar is Back 2015 Hindi Full Movie Watch

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Size: 700mb
Language: HINDI
Directed by: Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi

The police get information that 10 across Maharashtra have been mysteriously kidnapped. But they are mysteriously returned – except the most corrupt officer, who is hanged. The police get a CD from mystery man ”, who says his mission is to target corrupt officers. Police driver (Grover) is convinced he can crack the mystery of who is , but his superior officers humiliate and insult him in front of the other officers.

On his way home, Professor Singh () is stopped by lawyer , who makes him drive her and a pregnant woman to the hospital, but the woman delivers in the car with help. When wants to thank for helping her, he has already left. finds from the to the district offices that there is one honest officer in each department. He is convinced that all these honest officers have a link to . and become close and one day, she gets hit by a scooter and takes her to Hospital. Although not badly injured, doctors insist on taking expensive tests, and realizes how helpless patients and their families are fleeced and often, inhumanly treated. A poor woman mourns her deceased husband in the civil hospital nearby. tells her he will get her medical insurance. He deliberately checks in her dead husband as a patient to Hospital. The hospital tries to swindle money out of by pretending to treat the already dead man, making pay heavily for tests and medicines. shows them the death certificate, which proves that they knowingly admitted a dead man. The young owner of the hospital, ), is furious when releases the video of the hospital’s corruption to the media. However, is murdered. His father, a powerful builder (), sees in the hospital CCTV footage and is stunned to realize this is the same man he had supposedly killed 5 years ago.

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