October 15, 2019

Falcon Rising (2019) Dual Audio Hindi 720p Free Movie Download

Directed: Ernie Barbarash
Released Date: 27 November 2014 (Kuwait)
Genres: Action, Adventure
Languages: Hindi ,English
Film Stars: Michael Jai White, Neal McDonough, Jimmy Navarro
Movie Quality: 480p Bluray

John “Falcon” Chapman is a United States Marine Corps veteran who suffers from stress disorder. After playing Russian roulette, he enters a convenience store moments before it is robbed. He demands one of the robbers shoot him, and when the man hesitates, Chapman grows impatient, disarms the robbers, and foils the robbery. When he meets with his sister Cindy, who has briefly returned to New York for a wedding, she chastises him for not taking his medication and explains that she is returning to Brazil, where she has been doing charity work for a non-profit organization. Chapman receives word from , a fellow veteran and diplomat, that his sister has been severely beaten. Chapman immediately leaves for Brazil.

Chapman meets and his partner Carlo , who are investigating his sister’s assault. Though no witnesses have come forward, promises justice. and warn Chapman to avoid the gangster-controlled , but Chapman insists on performing his own investigation. Silva, a beat cop, shows Chapman where his sister was found. When Chapman visits his sister in the hospital, an Asian nurse administers medicine to Cindy’s IV. Cindy goes into convulsions, and Chapman calls for help. The hospital says they have no Asian nurses, and suggests that the may be involved, as Brazil has a sizable Japanese immigrant population.

Chapman returns to the and beats up several people when he notices one is wearing Cindy’s necklace. Silva arrives and stops him, explaining that the man is Cindy’s friend. Silva translates for him, and Chapman learns that Cindy gave her necklace to him after his sister disappeared. The man gives Chapman Cindy’s torn journal, which he recovered, and Chapman apologizes. Using carbon paper, Chapman recovers a phone number and contacts another of Cindy’s friends, a photographer, who explains that she was investigating corruption and a possible conspiracy involving human trafficking. When the photographer is unwilling to part with proof, Chapman pickpockets it. The photographer dies in a car bomb seconds later.


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