October 16, 2019

Ekaterina TV 2019 Hindi 720p Free Movie Download


Genres: Biography, Drama, History
Language: Hindi + Russian
Quality: 720p WEB-DL
Size: 600MB [Each Episode]
Creators: Aleksander Baranov, Ramil Sabitov

In 1745 in Saint , Empress Elizabeth is childless, and she appoints her nephew Peter  as the heir to the Russian throne. But he had been born in Prussia and could hardly speak Russian.

Elizabeth decides to marry him to a princess, intending to take any future son and educate him to become the future emperor. Elizabeth chooses a wife for her nephew, German Princess Sophie   Sophia  hopes to find happiness in the distant and foreign land, but she is faced with the intrigues and plots of the Russian Imperial court, the indifference of her husband, and the plans of the Empress. The girl takes the name Catherine  and works to save herself and her children from danger, as the emperor Peter III desires to send her away from the palace.

In July 1762, barely six months after becoming emperor, Peter commits the political error of retiring with his Holstein-born courtiers and relatives to , leaving his wife in Saint . On July 8 and 9, the  Guard revolts, deposes Peter from power, and proclaims Catherine as the new monarch. The bloodless coup  succeeds and Catherine becomes the new empress, and thus the Golden Age of the Russian Empire begins.

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