October 15, 2019

Bridget Jones2019 Hindi 720p Free Movie Download

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Language: Hindi + English
Quality: 480p BluRay
Size: 334mb
Director: Beeban Kidron
Writers: Helen Fielding, Andrew Davies

Bridget Jones graduated from Bangor University. She is a 32-year-old single woman whose life is a satirized version of the stereotypical single London 30-something in the  trying to go out there and look for love. She has some bad habits—smoking and drinking too much—but she annually writes her New Year’s resolutions in her diary, determined to stop smoking, drink no more than 14 alcohol units a week, and eat more “pulses” and try her best to lose weight. In the two novels and screen adaptations, Bridget’s mother is bored with her life as a housewife in the country and leaves Bridget’s father. Bridget repeatedly flirts with her boss, Daniel Cleaver. A successful barrister named Mark Darcy also keeps popping into Bridget’s life, being extremely awkward, and sometimes coming off a bit rude. After Bridget and Mark reach an understanding of each other and find a sort of happiness together, she gains some self-esteem and cuts down on her cigarette consumption. However, Bridget’s obsession with self-help books plus several misunderstandings cannot keep the couple together forever.

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The new Independent column was set in the then-present day of 2005 and 2006, with references being made to events such as River Thames whale,and has dropped some of the motifs of the original diary, particularly the alcohol unit and calorie counts. Despite the time advance, Cleaver and Darcy were still the two men in Jones’ life (“I’m not sleeping with them both at once,” she explains later to her friend . “I accidentally slept with each of them separately”), and the plot line launched into a pregnancy. As Fielding said, “she’s heading in a different direction.” The column is continued into 2006. In the last entry, Bridget Jones gave birth to a baby boy, fathered by Daniel Cleaver, and moved in with him.However, Mark was not entirely out of the picture, as he previously suggested that he would like to adopt the child.The column finished with the note, “Bridget is giving every attention to the care of her newborn son – and is too busy to keep up her Diary for the time being.

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